Bartz Klauser Final Fantasy Dissidia Cosplay

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Bartz Klauser cosplay from Final Fantasy Dissidia
Cosplayer : Rui Asagi

Bartz Klauser is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A courageous young man with a strong sense of justice, Bartz possesses the ability to mimic and combine the powers of Cosmos’ warriors in battle. In the original title Final Fantasy V, Bartz traveled the world with his chocobo friend, Boko, as willed by his late father. One day he met the Princess Lenna at the scene of a meteor crash, and they embarked on a journey to seek out the crystals. He searches for the Crystal along with Zidane to help restore Cosmos. He must also fight through countless traps and enemies like the sword-wielding warlock, Exdeath.
Cute Butz Klauser cosplay :) and there’s the red Brave Blade too ^^ Well i love this Butz cosplay, and Rui Asagi looks cute with Butz outfit.. i wonder where she hide Boko’s feather :P



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