Chun Li Street Fighter Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Chun-Li cosplay from Street Fighter
Cosplayer : Mari Katou

An undercover Interpol agent, Chun-Li enters Street Fighter II ’s fighting tournament as a way of getting to its founder, M. Bison. She seeks to avenge her father, who was murdered while investigating Bison’s crime syndicate, Shadaloo. Her signature move is the Hyakuretsu kyaku (Hundred Rending Kicks), commonly known as the Lightning Kick), which involves repeatedly kicking her opponent from a tilted standing position. Chun-Li is notable for being the first female playable character in a fighting game, and has acquired the nickname “First Lady of Fighting Games” among enthusiasts.
I think there’re two favourite character girl for fighting game.. The sexy Mai Shiranui, and the second one is Chun Li :D Yeah i love Chun Li too, and i love this Chun Li cosplay too :P but too bad i can’t find full photo of this Chun Li by Mari Katou.. Anyway i’m still glad to find one, because it’s rare to see sexy Chun Li cosplay =)



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