Cute Lineage 2 Dwarf Wedding Cosplay

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Dwarf Wedding cosplay from Lineage

If you play Lineage II, you must known this lovely creature already. It’s dwarf, she’s wearing wedding outfit just like in game. Well it sure looks cute for this cute dwarf :D



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  1. Nia Wedding Dress Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Cosplay | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] Oh My God !! So beautiful T__T I really love this Nia Teppelin Cosplay, well even her normal and anti-spiral outfit looks cute too. Too bad there’s a sad story about Nia wedding dress :(… because… ack.. i can’t tell you the story… it’s too sad.. you can watch her wearing this dress in the last series after the epic battle You can see another wedding dress cosplay here like elf wedding dress cosplay and dwarf wedding dress cosplay. [...]

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