Demon Hunter Cosplay Diablo 3

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Demon Hunter Cosplay from diablo 3 game by tasha, our favourite cosplayer ! The female Demon Hunter in Diablo III fled from her village as a child during a demonic invasion. She was the only survivor. After days, she was found by a Demon Hunter and was taken in as a member.

diablo III cosplay demon hunter
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The official bio of the Demon Hunter is of a survivor of demonic attack. The class is made, not born; existing Demon Hunters find survivors in their travels, and those with spirit and skill are inducted into the order and taken to their training grounds in The Borderlands where they are trained in the combat skills they’ll need to take vengeance on the monsters that destroyed their families and village.

The Demon Hunter is the ranged attacking class. They specialize in bows and crossbows, which they supplement with numerous ranged attacks, traps of various types, and even a few melee range skills.

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