Farah Oersted Cosplay Tales Of Eternia

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Farah Oersted Cosplay from Tales Of Eternia by cosplayer kaieda kae

Tales Of Eternia Farah Oersted

What a colorful costume :) Farah is a hardheaded farm girl from the same village as Reid, Rasheans, and they are almost always together as childhood friends. Throughout the game, a light romantic relationship is implied between Reid and Farah; however, nothing substantial develops.
Farah uses her martial arts prowess to inflict hand-to-hand damage on her enemies through punches and kicks and can link many of her special attacks into each other, and she also has a narrow selection of healing chi. Farah’s weapons are knuckles that augment the strength of her physical blows, and she plays more of a supporting role than Reid both in and out of battle.

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