Hope Estheim Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII

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Cosplay Character

Hope Estheim cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII
Cosplayer : Uko Sakazaki

Aww.. such a cute Hope Estheim cosplay, i love his outfit.. looks really cute. Look there’s Oerba Dia Vanille cosplay too, well you already see Vanille cosplay. So let’s focus on Hope :P
Hope Estheim is a 14 year old boy with silver hair who wears yellow and orange. He is insecure and has a short temper, and often acts childish. Hope fights with dual boomerangs that work differently from normal boomerangs thanks to futuristic technology.
Hope holds a grudge to Snow, since Snow got her mother involved in the Purge fight and could not save her. He travels with Lightning and the others after they all get turned into l’Cie, but secretly plots revenge on Snow.
Hope turned to the fellow exile Vanille for comfort after his mother’s death. Lightning, on the other hand, appears to have a disdain towards the boy, saying she has too much to worry about so she doesn’t want to bother protecting a kid.



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