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Kairi cosplay from Kingdom Hearts
Cosplayer : Tomomi Fushii

Kairi was originally a resident of the Radiant Garden, but she was sent to the Destiny Islands by Xehanort a few years before the events of Kingdom Hearts in an experiment to see the connection between a Princess of Heart and a Keyblade bearer. At the beginning of the series, she is 14 years old. During the events of the first game, her heart was separated from her body and entered Sora’s body, leading to him seeing visions of Kairi. Riku, searching for a way to revive her, brings Kairi’s comatose body to Hollow Bastion where her status as a Princess of Heart is revealed along with the location of her heart.
Learning of this revelation, Sora gives up his heart in order to restore hers back into her body, transforming himself into a Heartless and creating Kairi’s Nobody, Namine, as well as his own, Roxas, in the process. Soon after, Kairi finds Sora’s Heartless and restores him back to human form. After Xenahort’s Heartless was defeated, Kairi is left behind on the reforming Destiny Islands and separated from Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts. Sora promises to return to her with Riku, and Kairi waits on the island for their return.
Cute Kairi cosplay >.< Yeah i've been looking for Kairi cosplay for long time. Finally i found a cute one.. how lucky :)



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