Marisa Kirisame Cosplay Touhou Project

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Cosplay Character

Marisa Kirisame cosplay from Touhou Project
Cosplayer : Kipi

Marisa is a human magician who lives in a cluttered house in the Forest of Magic. She is friends with Reimu and visits her often, but otherwise is solitary and spends most of her time researching magic. She is also an avid collector stuffing her house with various items, and would go “borrowing” things from others without returning them. She is selfish, sometimes violent, and has a disagreeable manner. Underneath, though, she is honest and a hard worker.
Sexy Marisa Kirisame cosplay here by Kipi :) It’s been a while since the last Shiori Misaka cosplay by Kipi. Kipi sure a sexy cosplayer :) she makes Marisa looks very sexy with her pose here.



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