Namada Arin PangYa Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Arin cosplay from PangYa
Cosplayer : Namada

The only daughter in a lineage of excellent magicians on Pangya island. Though not a pure wizard like Brie or Tiki, she had exceptional talent and graduated at the top of her class in the Wiz School of Magic. Combining two different types of magic, she has mastered an advanced technique that incorporates the merits of both. Contrary to her appearance, she has 10 years experience as a skillful magician, and is a very popular girl.
Yearning to meet the Pangya player Max, she made a determined decision to participate in the Pangya tournament! Dreaming of the day when she would be able to play a round with Max, she trained hard for nine months, standing undefeated against pro after pro as her ability continued to grow. As a special skill, her pet, “Hato” who can transform into a club by means of magic, is presented whenever she’s feeling really happy. It’s remarkable, this girl who, when the spolight is focused on herself, demonstrates such power and control. She truly has the nature of a star.
Beautiful cosplay! Probably the best arin i’ve seen so far.. you can see how cute when she hug Hato in one of the photo :D



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  1. MiiCafe Says:

    She is so cute.Very good this cos.

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