Rutee Katrea Cosplay Tales of Destiny Cosplay

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Cosplay Character

Rutee Katrea cosplay from Tales of Destiny
Cosplayer : Namako@

Armed with Atwight, the Swordian of water, 18 year old Rutee is a headstrong Lens hunter who travels the world looking to make a profit with her partner, Mary. She has a bad reputation in the Kingdom of Seinegald because of her money-hungry ways, but she doesn’t let it bother her.
Rutee has a balanced selection of technical physical and magical attacks. Rutee eventually develops a romantic relationship with Stahn. She is revealed to be Leon’s sister late in the game.
Aaaaa so cute >.< This is the prefect Rutee Katrea cosplay ever! I love Rutee’s armor and her weapon, Atwight looks so real. Namako looks so cute with Rutee cosplay… and she makes a sexy Rutee Katrea cosplay :)



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