Saya Rinoa Heartilly Final Fantasy Cosplay

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Rinoa Heartilly cosplay from Final Fantasy VIII
Cosplayer : Saya

Rinoa is a cute and sweet female character from Final Fantasy VIII. The character was designed by character designer Tetsuya Nomura, rinoa was the first smooth 3D character girl that i love to see in final fantasy series. Her costumes is unique with so many soft blue color, you can see the “Angel Wings,” which are printed on the back of her duster sweater and as such her “character symbol” is a white feather that signifies the wings. Saya looks gorgeous with this outfit.
Now she only need to say “Look into my eyes… You’re-going-to-like-me… You’re-going-to-like-me… Did it work?” the words for Squall Leonhart =)




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