Sexy Lightning Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay

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Lightning cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII
Cosplayer : Yuzu Inumachi

The protagonist of the game, Lightning is deemed an adversary of humankind, having been chosen by the Crystals to bring about the end of the world. Codenamed Lightning, her true name remaining a mystery even to her. It has been stated that the player will discover her true name some time during the game. A formidable and agile fighter, Lightning wields a sword that has the unique ability to transform into a semi-automatic gun if she so chooses. She can also manipulate gravity with a mechanism attached to her left index finger.
What a sexy Lightning cosplay, and there’s the sexy Oerba Dia Vanille in the photo too… these two sexy girls from Final Fantasy XII really makes a good combination. Lightning’s sword looks cool ! Pretty well made i think.. I love this sexy cosplay :)



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5 Responses to “Sexy Lightning Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay”

  1. Kotori Oerba Dia Vanille Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] really beautiful one i think. Kotori looks pretty mature with that dress, and look.. there’s Lightning in the photos [...]

  2. Lightning Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] Lightning is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, and the main protagonist. Not much is known about Lightning, except she wields a gun-sword that can switch between its forms. She is shown to be an extremely cold person, and is often annoyed by the antics of Sazh Katzroy, whose warm empathetic personality is in many ways her foil. She is part of Team Nora, an organization attacking Cocoon, with her rank specified on the armor on her left shoulder. Though it is lead by Snow Villiers, she is the main planner, and seems to have some authority over him. Lightning even goes as far as to slap Snow in the face after his actions made the organization fail their mission in her eyes. She has been chosen by one of the Crystals to “bring the end of the world”. Just look at Nao’s eyes and you can feel how cold person lightning is Well i really love this cosplay, and nao can bring Lightning’s character feel so real [...]

  3. Hope Estheim Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] on Snow. Hope turned to the fellow exile Vanille for comfort after his mother’s death. Lightning, on the other hand, appears to have a disdain towards the boy, saying she has too much to worry [...]

  4. Sexy Serah Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] girl revealed in FF XIII, Serah (セーラ Sera) is a teenage girl with the same pink tint of hair Lightning has, wrapped into a ponytail onto the side. She wears a red pleated skirt with black frill and a [...]

  5. Shinji Says:

    Very classy and well done! Lightning is awesome!

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