Sexy Serah Farron Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII

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Cosplay Character

Serah Farron cosplay from Final Fantasy XIII
Cosplayer : Kotori

Another cute girl revealed in FF XIII, Serah Farron (セーラ Sera) is a teenage girl with the same pink tint of hair Lightning has, wrapped into a ponytail onto the side. She wears a red pleated skirt with black frill and a white sleeveless dress shirt, with a semi-transparent sweeper in the same style of shirt over it, with leggings and boots.
Serah is Lightning’s sister and the fiancee of Snow Villiers, Lightning accuses Snow of failing to protect Serah (again ? After Hope’s mother).
Before Vanille’s name was revealed, she was mistakenly referred to as “Serah”. And some says that Serah is the cutest girl in final fantasy xiii. She is indeed the cutest, but for the sexiest girl maybe you like to see Vanille cosplay by the same cosplayer, Kotori :)



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