Stella Nox Fleuret Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cosplay

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Stella Nox Fleuret cosplay from Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Cosplayer : Rio Yuki

Stella Nox Fleuret shown to be a young woman with blonde hair, is said to be the princess of the Fleuret family of the country Tenebrae and an enemy to Noctis, though her allegiances are under suspicion. Like that of Noctis, a good measure of her personality can be sensed in her first meeting with Noctis. For instance, in their discussion about the power they share (defined as a special ability to see the “light”) and its connection to an old legend, Stella is very open about the matter while Noctis seems reluctant to talk about it, suggesting that they keep it a secret.
Stella is described to be ladylike and extremely polite, but direct in her manner a reflection of her proper but strong upbringing. She acts according to her beliefs, and doesn’t shy away from problems.
What a cute Stella Nox Fleuret cosplay, don’t you think she looks like Namine from kingdom hearts if she wear this outfit ? And she looks so cute with this outfit :) i love this cute cosplay.



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  1. Sexy Stella Nox Fleuret Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cosplay | Sexy Cosplay Photo Gallery Says:

    [...] Stella meets Noctis at function, and though the two do not wish to fight each other, they are forced to do battle as a result of unknown circumstances. She wields a rapier, and upon brandishing it, a large, winged crest forms behind her, similar to how Noctis summons his weapons. It is speculated that she can also summon different types of weapons, similar to Noctis. She is able to materialize weapons from thin air, as she is shown summoning her rapier from a rune similar to one used by Noctis to summon his sword, though Stella’s rune is golden while Noctis’ is blue Sexy Stella Nox Fleuret cosplay with her rapier, she looks sexy with this black outfit right And her rapier looks so cool, what a great work ! [...]

  2. Erick C.M. Says:

    please what is the name of this incredible beautiful girl and cute cosplay????
    please tell me the name of the girl that is doing the stella cosplay…

  3. admin Says:

    hi erick, her name is rio yuki
    you can see her profile in

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