Terra Branford Final Fantasy Dissidia Cosplay

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Terra Branford cosplay from Final Fantasy Dissidia
Cosplayer : Saori

Terra Branford is one of the heroes chosen to fight on the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A girl blessed - or cursed - with both the power of espers and incredibly powerful magic, her attacks are magical in nature, but she can strike an enemy with both long and short-range attacks. In the original title Final Fantasy VI, she was manipulated by the Gestahlian Empire to take advantage of her magical powers. She escaped the Empire’s control by telepathically communicating with an Esper on the mining city of Narshe, and joined the rebel faction, the Returners. This ultimately marked the beginning of a long battle to save their world.
What a sexy Terra Branford cosplay. Terra’s outfit contains a sleeveless and strapless floral-patterned red shirt, a yellow and purple ribbon up in her hair, red flowery sleeves on her arms, a pale pink cape around her neck, a red skirt covered two belts around her waist, white stockings on her legs, and red and gold pointed boots. I love this cosplay :)



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