Zidane Tribal Final Fantasy IX Cosplay

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Zidane Tribal cosplay from Final Fantasy IX
Cosplayer : Nanaki

Zidane Tribal (Jitan) is the protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. Playful and flirtatious, Zidane displays little of the sullenness associated with previous Final Fantasy protagonists. Zidane has shoulder-length blonde hair tied with a ponytail and a prehensile monkey-like tail, as witnessed in game when Zidane hangs from his tail to evade Steiner. In trance form Zidane’s hair becomes longer, and his clothing is replaced with thick fur covering his body. It is not revealed whether or not he has fur under his clothing when not in trance form. Zidane is identified as a thief.
Cool cosplay ! Well i never find zidane will looked cool in real life, but with this cosplay i’m ready to change my opinion :)



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